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Technology Strategy Consultant
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  • B.Sc., Computer Science & Econometrics, University of Warsaw / Aarhus Universitet & Aarhus School of Business
  • B.Sc., Business Management, University of Warsaw
  • M.Sc., Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems, Warsaw School of Economics
customer experience
customer journey
digital transformation
data driven analysis
project management
design thinking

"I like to see my strategy come into life: for instance, when my friends and family can use the mobile app coupons I designed in their favorite shop."

I started as an Intern and later an Analyst, working on the business side of IT projects for Communication, Media & Technology companies.

Everything Customer-related is my area of expertise: from building a perfect Customer Experience (targeted-promotions, multiple communication channels, marketing strategies) through CRM (segmenting Customer groups, deciding on which one to invest in) to Loyalty programs (mobile apps, coupons, retaining strategies).

I work for Retail, Oil & Gas, Telco, Food & Beverages, Logistics and Airlines industries.

My Accenture Strategy Success Drivers


Learn to adapt, learn to get the best out of every situation or… redesign the rules of engagement.

Interpersonal Skills

Be able to read in-between the lines and feel what the Clients feel. Best strategies will fail if you don’t respect people’s emotions when their organization is undergoing a big change.

Multiple skillset

We get better as we sample various industries and challenges. You gradually build your knowledge base, you don’t want to specialize just in one subject.

Favourite strategy project

Customer Experience & Loyalty Systems based on advanced analytical models

We redefined Customer loyalty through data-driven models in the Oil & Gas industry. Working in multiple markets with very different Customers and their buying habits, in some markets we’ve created the first loyalty building campaigns. The project was exciting because we could build their CRM agenda in the big picture, design annual action plans and then monitor Customers behavior and competition actions every week.

My view on future strategy projects

Corporations need help to navigate through the radically changing competitive context. Digital disruption is amplifying this pressure for competitiveness and accelerating the need for a business response. However, redefining corporate competitiveness in the new era requires more than just establishing a digital presence – we need to support companies in identifying the digital business implications (opportunities, new business models, interaction with digital stakeholders etc.), managing internal fears (getting the buy-in from people who fear for their jobs as the companies invest in AI & robotics) and managing the maturity of organization and change.

At the core we are experts in People Matters as much as we are the Strategists.

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