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  • M.Sc., Computer Science, University of Warsaw
  • M.Sc., Biotechnology, University of Warsaw
  • Postgraduate, Business Management, Warsaw School of Economics
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digital transformation
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"The most exciting part of being a technology strategy expert is being at the forefront of the emerging technologies that will shape the world of tomorrow."

I started my career in science - developing software for RNA biomolecules modelling, but after a few years, I decided to continue my career in business. The consulting seemed always to be the best-suited option for me.

My expertise lies in choosing the best IT solutions for various industries. From unlocking the enterprise data potential through machine learning to making a global bank move fast in an agile way, each project is a great way to grow one’s skills.

I work for Communications, Media & Technology and Financial Services.

Accenture Strategy Success Drivers

Analytical Skills

Even with advanced technology, your Clients want you to predict all the moves, build and test all the potential strategies. Your sharp analysis makes the difference.


Designing and convincing others to the reasoning behind it. One does not go without the other. Your social skills are a powerful asset.

Focus of New Technologies

Be where the new technology is, use it in the smartest way. Whenever possible, build your credibility and understanding by being a part of the implementations.

Favourite strategy project

IT Strategy for a Telco leader

A significant Telco player experienced decline of revenues from traditional products & services, and when they wanted to branch out into new areas, these were usually crowded with new tech companies. We reshaped the business model & strategy to help them stay relevant and profitable. We introduced a new lean IT operating model, an innovative talent & knowledge management framework, developed new partnerships with tech companies & start-ups and built a flexible architecture based on micro services.

It all led to the Client becoming a truly agile and data-driven organization ready to compete in a smarter way. I find it extremely fulfilling to see the strategy set in motion by the implementation teams from Accenture, working side by side with the Client’s teams.

My view on future strategy projects

For the last 15-20 years, technology has been the name of the game. We got to a point where most of the companies have access to business-changing solutions and tools. To keep winning, they need to be even more selective as to which ones they use and how they use them. Organizations need to adapt, become more agile and open to true innovation. We are there to streamline their actions and strategically choose where and when to engage.

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