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  • M.A., International Business, Warsaw School of Economics
  • B.Sc., Economics and Business, Georg-August University Göttingen
Technology Strategy
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"Your work is best measured by the lasting impact on Client’s business".

I started working as a Procurement and Supply Chain Strategy Analyst at a small consulting boutique focusing on strategic cost saving projects. I was specializing in analyzing complex cost structures, identifying cost saving levers and helping our clients implement recommended strategies. After joining Accenture’s Supply Chain Consulting practice I started to broaden my horizons and get deep insights into the complexity of supply chain strategies and operations of our clients. During that time, I discovered my interest in digital Supply Chain Strategies, Digital Transformation Strategy and deepened my experience in IT Cost reductions (ZBx). I recognized my love for learning about new technologies and seeing them implemented in projects.

Since joining Accenture’s Technology Strategy practice, I have connected my expertise with technology and digital-strategy – entering the world of startup ecosystems, identifying technology and business drivers of competitiveness for our Clients, identifying emerging technologies that will shape future industries and assessing complex relationships between technology, strategy and financial success.

I work on Cross Industry projects – but mostly projects for Aerospace, Defense, Banking and Insurance.

Accenture Strategy Success Drivers

Technology Early Adopter

You need to follow technology news all the time. If you learn about it from the home page of a major news outlet, you are probably doing it wrong.


It is one of the hardest skills to master, but one that comes with the highest pay-out. You listen for facts, patterns, emotions – and only then look for answers.

Sense of humor

It eases the tensions and provides much needed relief in this super demanding job.

Favourite strategy project

Digital manufacturing for a leading aircraft manufacturer

The goal was to take the production to a new age of digital manufacturing and reduce costs of reduce costs a future air craft model. After thorough research, we turned a buzzword like Industry X.0 into a series of tangible actions which helped make the production more agile and less prone to failure: from real-time tracking of part deliveries to drones finding elements in the warehouse. It sometimes might seem hard to get up at 4 a.m. to make it to the airport, but then sitting on a plane that was manufactured in a factory you helped get better – nothing can beat this sense of satisfaction.

My view on future strategy projects

The market is full of new smart and agile players. Helping the established brands redesign themselves through digital transformations is what we will continue to do in the next years.

We are turning emerging trends, like AI, into tangible and powerful tools, futureproofing businesses against the impact of the major Socio-economic events.

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