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  • Finance and Accounting, Wroclaw University of Economics
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"There’s nothing better than putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, that’s why I enjoy Customer Journey mapping and design the most."

I started working with digital transformations of SMEs. After working in corporate finance, valuation, audit and management consulting, I joined the Strategy practice in Accenture.

Today, I excel in Digital and Customer Experience strategies, where thinking outside the box is the key. I like to constantly stay outside my comfort zone – going that extra mile and learning new things every day.

I work mostly for Retail, Communications Media & Technology and Financial Services, and my current project is in the retail fashion industry.

Accenture Strategy Success Drivers

From analysis to synthesis

We work on huge amounts of data, we need to be able to process it and produce laser-sharp summary and a call to action based on it.

Interpersonal Skills

You will be a frequent guest of the C-Suite. Get used to dealing with high-level stakeholders. It takes great listening and presentation skills to gain their respect.

Time Mastery

We are very good at time management and working under time constraints. You will be making your key moves under time pressure.

Favourite strategy project

Global Strategy for a Retail Leader

How does working for global retailer looks like? Monday in Istanbul, Tuesday evening meetings in Madrid, London on Thursday. But if it’s Friday, we’re back home.

We were tasked with building a global campaign strategy for a leading retailer. More than 30 million customers, over 4000 sites in 8 different markets, but one vision that connects all of them. When you are working in the multinational environment where many different cultures meet, you need to make sure the understanding of the goal is crystal clear.

Being a project lead requires a solid team of talented people, bold ideas and vivid team spirit. Combining strategy, digital, analytics and technology in one engagement needs all those factors to come as one.

My view on future strategy projects

New trends are shaping the competitive context faster than companies are able to respond to them. The biggest challenge for all the big players will be to find a good advisor that is ahead of the trends and will help them choose what actions to invest in. Some trends will be just seasonal fads, but some, when ignored early, can destroy the long-term game of even the best of the best.

Think of us, Accenture Strategy, as the people that stand where the changes are born. We learn every day. Our expertise grows with each project. It gives us a chance to stay relevant, as the skillset is shaping up to meet the future market demands.

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