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  • M.Sc., Business Management, Imperial College London
  • M.Sc., Environmental policy and economics, London School of Economics and Political Science
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"If you are working with global industry and innovation leaders, then you know your work will have global or regional impact."

I started my career as an analyst in one of the Big4 consulting companies. My work mainly involved completing business case analyses and feasibility studies for gas infrastructure projects. I soon realized I wanted to work with global industry leaders, and to be at the center of their decision-making process. This is where I felt I could have a greater impact, and my strengths would align with the needs of the clients and projects.

Since joining Accenture Strategy, my projects have been in a variety of industries and geographies – from working with a major global NGO such as the United Nations to a major global port operator or real estate developer. The focus of my work is to help clients succeed in the new era – redefine their competitiveness and set critical interventions in growth, profitability and sustainability. I have helped clients completely redesign their operating model, cut costs, develop new growth strategies and improve their sustainability impact. Today I still get excited about collaborating with clients and teams to generate innovative ideas and solve challenges, but an equally important and enriching part of my role as Manager is to lead the project, and to support people to fulfill their professional goals, develop and grow.

Accenture Strategy Success Drivers


Passion motivates people to work hard and succeed. Be passionate about disruption, innovation, client success and results. Give it your best and generate opportunities to have meaningful impact.

Commitment to excellence & Drive

While passion is the fuel for success, commitment is the habit and work to get there. Be committed to professionalism, the highest quality & standard, customer satisfaction, learning and developing people. Be driven to pursue project objectives, despite challenges and changing context.

Open Mind & Curiosity

We are always creating new approaches and solutions. Be curious to understand motivations, needs and experiences. Challenge your client’s and your team’s thinking and preconceptions. Don’t be limited by client or industry legacy. Working with public and private sector leaders requires bold new ideas, innovation and creativity.

Favourite strategy project

Major global NGO vision, strategy, business and operating model

Every strategy project is exciting, however my first is my favorite since that was when I realized the scale of impact our work could have.

We supported a major global NGO to define and deliver a new strategy, business model and operating model via a multi-year transformation programme. The goal was to improve stakeholder engagement to achieve greater outcomes, strengthen governance and optimize operations covering 80 countries. The project involved over 1400 consultations across stakeholder groups, and our team included strategists from the UK, US, South Africa, Poland and India offices. Our client and Accenture teams were joined by our passion for the work we were doing and pride in the changes we were driving. Also, a surprising outcome, we established deep relationships and friendships that I cherish till today.

My view on future strategy projects

The coming years will see “managing uncertainty” become one of the most crucial organizational capacities. Market changes will accelerate, and the companies that set the direction of change will be the winners. Clients need to escape from the legacy mindset, use cost cutting to release funds for new growth and/or branch out to beyond their comfort zones. The scale of the challenges we are solving, and the innovative nature of our clients makes it all very interesting – we are hired to disrupt and redefine the rules.

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