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  • M.Sc., Management & Marketing, University of Social Sciences in Łódź
Business Strategy
Zero Based Mindset
Agile Transformation
Operating Model of the Future

"Keeping it Lean for our Clients to help them take next bold step: it is rewarding to see zero-based transformations enabling cutting edge technologies."

I started as a specialist in business processes outsourcing being responsible for both – optimization of financial processes and execution of them. This combination of finance, business and IT accompanied me ever since.

In modern days, to be able to unlock full potential of most – if not all - of the endeavors I believe it is crucial to break the silos, combine and synergize business and technology… in a smart and lean way.

My goal is to help our Clients redesign existing business to achieve operational and financial efficiency, while enabling them to take a lead in technological competition.

I work for Financial Services, Communications Media & Technology, Food Processing and recently Oil and Gas.

Accenture Strategy Success Drivers


Read things happening around you fast and adapt – it is the key to be able to use your full potential. But don’t take everything as-is, challenge status quo.

Soft Skills

We ultimately play a team game – and it is not “us vs them”! Being able to understand the Client, build a relationship, is a success factor for every transformation.

Balance the New with the Mastered

Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone. It is the best way to grow – even if it seems better to use mastered approach, new might be the way to success for the Client and you.

Favourite strategy project

Every new project is about pushing the envelope

Every project I participate in is great – as at the end of the day each one of them helps to build up experience and skillset. Afterall it’s a new challenge, new people, new processes and tools. Even if we are not aware of it today, tomorrow our past might be the key to drive our success.

Everything is important if we are going to challenge the “good” and redefine it into “excellent” – it is an ultimate test. How can we be three steps ahead? If you feel that curiosity for how things are designed before they are set into motion is your drive, this is certainly a good place for you.

My view on future strategy projects

The biggest challenge is to achieve technological lead running sustainable, profitable business. To succeed our clients go through Zero Based transformation – refresher of the mindset. Questioning own spend, technology and organization while not losing goals and culture is difficult, that is why Accenture is to help find the precise balance that is a baseline for a great next step.

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